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Skaven and Quarrellers.

While rooting through some boxes I came across some skaven I had not finished. I think the house move must have interrupted painting these. A few dabs of paint and they were finished

Ikit Claw

More Prehistorics.

For my birthday I treated myself to some figures from the Savage Core range from Warlord Games. All are credited to a sculptor called Steve Saleh.

Some Neanderthals

Cthulhu and the Manticore.

Sometimes you just lose steam on a project. This can be for a variety of reasons. This manticore figure has sat on the "part done" pile for what might actually be a decade. Every so often I would look at it and have no idea as to what to do to bring it to life. Then the other day inspiration suddenly struck me. I repainted the face using a ruddier flesh tone and the rest fell into place.

Trogs and Terminators

Started a new album entitled Prehistorics. First entries are the Trogs or Cave-Orcs.

Terminators, Gladiators and Tyranids.

Another view of my new Hunter Screamer alongside some old school versions:-

First Upload of the Year

Stunned how little painting I have got done this year. Two of today's uploads were Christmas presents!

Wildfire Walker

A change of subject from my last upload, but also long legged and deadly!

All I wanted was a long-legged bird....

Some time ago I came across a [url=]photo of some Phorusrhacid birds[/url] on the website of Steve Pugh. I particularly liked the one on the left but was soon to discover that HLBC no longer produced these. Another company had taken up some of their prehistoric range, but not the long-legged Phorusrhacid.

Upgrading Cheddarmonger Site

Urgent news for Cheddarmongers -- the software version that runs this site is coming end of life, so I'm going to need to upgrade it.

Warp Spiders and Tech Priest

This weekend's painting was a squad of Warp Spiders and a Tech Priest.


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