Website Updates

Cheddarmongers is now the official gallery for Custom Hobby!

Welcome Custom Hobby members! Join Cheddarmongers for a great place to create your online picture gallery!

The Gi6ers Collection, now on Cheddarmongers!

My friend Matt has some great paintjobs, so I created him his own gallery on Cheddarmongers and moved his stuff out of the guest gallery into his own. Check it out here:

So square...

I've decided to re-crop all the thumbnails in the photo gallery to square... It will take a while, but I think it will give me broader site compatibility.

Welcome to the latest iteration of Cheddarmongers!

Okay, I think I got all of my main configuration issues worked out, and the gallery is back up and running. I'll add content over time, but feel free to join and contribute!

Welcome to Cheddarmongers!

Welcome to the home of the Cheddarmongers! :cm

What can I find here?


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