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I started painting these guys years back but lost momentum. Matters were not helped by the fact that the sprues with weapons found their way into a different box which delayed me finishing their assembly. Finally got around to bringing all the pieces together and finishing them.

Let the Galaxy Fester!

Came across a box of Death Guard so they were the next to be painted. First colours went onto these the night before last. Armour is mainly painted with Japanese Uniform Yellow and Russian Uniform Green. Tamiya and Vallejo Smoke and Tamiya Clear Red contributed to the wet and slimy look of them! Certain areas of armour were made rusty but the simple trick of painting it Vermin Brown and then brushing with MP Chainmail.

Berserkers of Khorne Unleashed

Someone I know has been painting some chaos marines so it started me wondering how quickly I could paint up a unit I had assembled some time back. I started undercoating them Wednesday night and put the final touches to them Monday morning. That is not bad considering I lost a day due to a migraine.

Gimps, Raincoats and Short Order Trouble

Woke up a few hours early the other day, and in about three hours turned out the little guy with the chainsaw and the gimp with the flamethrower. Also finished off the three guys in raincoats I had started the night before. All figures done with [b][url=]three colour undercoating[/url][/b]

Ogres and Tyranid

Found this guy lurking in a box. It was a chance to try painting a Tyranid using [url=]triple undercoat[/url].


Had a doctor's appointment yesterday so began pottering with a figure I had prepared with [url=][b]three colour undercoating[/b][/url]. Much to my surprise he was finished in just about two hours!

Swooping Hawks

My final bunch of Eldar Aspects. (Unless I have some Dire Avengers I did not know about!)

Ratskins and Eldar

Been having a few health problems recently so this unit of ratskins took me a leisurely week, on and off. Not bad considering there were eighteen of them. I wanted to avoid them looking too much like Red Indians so used pale flesh colours to represent dwellers of the deep undercity. Skin was done with WGF Expert shades F,E and D. Tattoos were done with WGF Tomb Blue B and Cote d'arms Black green. Rat tails and edges of hide were done with WGF Oriental Flesh B and C.

Cawdors and Delaques

Quite a couple of days of painting. Using the [b][url=]three colour undercoating[/url][/b] method makes painting much faster but I had not appreciated just how fast this could be. After painting the Orlocks in the last post in two days the Cawdors took less than a day and a bit including undercoating. The Delaques took about two days, including preparation.

Cassie Hack and the Orlocks

My rendition of Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash


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