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Heroquest Foursome

Three Heroquest heroes and one villain painted this weekend. The elf and the spellcaster were painted with [url=][b]Three Colour Undercoat method[/b][/url]. The dwarf and the chaos warrior used more traditional painting techniques since I started these long before I discovered the three colour method.

The Dark Judges.

The other day I popped into my favourite hobby shop for a chat. I noticed Mongoose had released their version of the Dark Judges. “Wish I had not seen that” I reflected “I have three of the original Citadel Dark Judges. No chance of me finding the fourth for a price I can afford!”
But reminded of this, I had a look on ebay and lo and behold, there was Judge Mortis, £7 starting bid and no bidders, two days to run. I got him, no contest!

I had painted my Judge Death figure years back. It was time to give him some company!

LOTR Goblins

I have not had much time or inclination to paint recently. The project I have been working on has been very off and on so I am not really certain the quality of the end result warrants the time I have taken on them. It is, however, nice to finally finish the unit and they look reasonably presentable.

[url=][b]Direct Link[/b][/url]

Goliath Gangers

A minor irritation about discovering the [url=][b]three colour undercoat method[/b][/url] is that I have a number of models that I had already started painting before I discovered the method.

13 figures in a Day and a Half.

After all those skeletons I painted the other week it was time to add some necromancers and liches. Also got around to finishing the APAC figures and painting my Heresy Zombies.

Grave Horror

Active day on Cheddarmongers. I have added a tutorial on [url=][b]drybrushing[/b][/url] and uploaded photos of my recently finished Grave Horror.

Skeletons and Mega-city perps

Some Mega-city criminals, old and new

Weekend of the Ogres

Decided to try the three colour undercoat on some larger figures, so painted some old metal ogres. All five of these were turned out over one weekend.

New uploads

The image link thing appears to be playing up again
See here for the latest figures.


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