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Ogres, Inquisitors and Witchhunters

Sometimes you just lose momentum on a painting job and the figure just sits there 95% done for a week, a month or longer. I lost momentum on some Ogre Leadbelchers and they have sat untouched for about 2 years, so I'm pleased I finally got around to finishing these guys. In fact the four of them only needed about an evening's work more.

I've added them to a new album of Ogres.

I've also painted some more Witchhunters, two of them conversions of WH40K figures.

Last of the Tyranids?

Well, I do have a few more Tyranids to paint, but this completes all of the Horde Papiyon.

Some Lictors

Some Gargoyles

Bloodrayne, Assassins, Dogs and 'Nids

Firstly, found a rather nice figure that painted up nicely as Bloodrayne

a couple of Death Cult girls to complement her

a nice doggy

Scaly, Terminators and an Inquisitor.

I retook some of the last set of photos I uploaded, since I wasn't happy with how they looked.

Since I've painted a few more figures since then, some new stuff uploaded as well.

Painting Again, and a Mixed Bag at That

Been a while since I painted anything, then just the other night I saw something in a movie that inspired me to paint a zombie. And after that there was a sort of domino effect with me finishing of various other figures. Couple of these were virgin paint jobs while others were figure that had lost a bit of momentum.

First, a spyglass zombie

and a Heresy Ghoul

a servo skull

a servitor (thanks Dave!)


Brother West the Marine

Vehicles and Vikings

Oh boy!

57 newly uploaded photos! That is a record for me.

The Camera is Back!

....which is just as well since I have a bit of a backlog to photograph.

Firstly, as a teaser, some Vikings


many more to follow soon!

Some Tyranids, quite a few Tyranids

More Angels and Daemons

Tim of [url=]Miniature Heroes[/url] spotted a Pa Angel figure on ebay and very kindly notified me rather than bidding on it for his store, so the Angel Gang is now complete.


At the same time, I picked up a Judge Death


and I also decided to paint up some Pink and Blue Horrors


and I updated one of my photos of Hasslefree figures.


Ebay Plug: Empire bits and other oddities

Bits and pieces of empire artillery, what I think are some foundry humans, goblins, Bear, Boar, and Rat.

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