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Painting Skeletons

        This is a quick way to paint Skeletons. The method is based on an article on painting skeletons by Mike McVey in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th Edition Rulebook.

        You'll find that being able to paint bones and skulls will prove useful even if you don't generally paint fantasy figures. Many Sci-fi figures feature bones and skulls too.

Step 1. Take your figure and remove any mould lines or flash. This is important since the following painting method will really show up mould lines. I find a round needle file the best tool for this job.

How to paint Mummies the Uncle Phil Way.

        Using this method you can easily turn out one or more figures in little over an hour.

Notes on Epoxy Putty

On some forums I regularly see members who are curious about learning to sculpt and the materials needed, particularly epoxy putty. Having had some experience with different types of putty, I usually pipe up, and usually with the same long description; so I decided to post it all here

How to sculpt rag wrappings.

Swiped from [url=http://www.heresyminiatures.com/forumofdoom]The Forum of Doom[/url]
[quote="Lost Boy"]

Quick Painting

I suppose the real key, for me, is to paint below the standard I actually can paint if I want to (back in the the days when I considered myself a modeller).

Dynamic albums -- keyword, recent, most popular and best rated albums!

With the upgrade of the gallery, you can now make dynamic albums based on keywords or other aspects of the pictures in the gallery! Using this feature, you can create dynamic galleries containing specific keywords, or you can pull up the most recent, most popular, or highest rated pictures!

Using keywords in the gallery!

With the upgrade of the gallery, you can now make use of the keywords to create custom dymanic albums!

Mini Photography -- Selecting a Camera

We've got the competitive market on our side for choosing cameras nowadays, so here's some things to look for when buying a camera for miniature photography:

Mini Photography -- Backgrounds

I've been having colour balance and picture problems since forever so following some helpful advice I've tried to see what impact different colour backgrounds have on the final result of my pics.


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