These are instructions, hints, and tips for anything relating to the hobby or gaming aspects of miniatures. To create a tutorial, please chose "story" from the <b>Add new items</b> menu. You can upload and attach images and documents to your tutorial.

It's Blog, it's Blog, it's big, it's heavy, it's words...

I'm thinking of disabling the "create web page" feature for general use for a few reasons:

Wilf the Giant

"Wilf" is the result of a conversation with my friend Ed on Fantasy Giants. I felt that most examples were far too lanky and that more attention to biophysics might result in something that was more interesting in appearance and possibly more credible.

Pewter Pops! and Head Stands!

Ever have trouble handling miniatures for painting? Want to create awesome scenic bases without ruining your miniatures' paint jobs? Pewter Pops are the solutions for all of your troubles!

David's Workbench

Here is my ingenious workbench. These pictures are a little old, but the bench is pretty much the same.

Linking to Pictures

This site creates a static link when storing your pictures, so you can easily display your pictures on other sites. When viewing your picture, or a thumbnail, chose [b]Get Item Urls[/b] from the [i]Item Actions[/i] dropdown menu and you will get a page with a list of very hand code all ready for you. Both the HTML and the BBCODE are displayed for your convenience, all you have to do is select the results you want, and copy the code and paste it into whereever you want to display your picture.


Adding Pictures

[b][size=12]Adding Pictures to Your Gallery[/size][/b]

Adding your favorite pictures to your gallery is fun and easy! Here's what you need to know to upload pictures.

First, go to your album. There is a [b]Your Album[/b] link on the upper right of all Gallery pages. Your album is automatically created the first time you access it as a registered user.

Choose [b]Add Items[/b] from the [i]Album Actions[/i] dropdown menu. This will display the Add Item page, with several tabs. I'll explain two of those tabs:


Crop Thumbnail

[b][size=12]Crop Thumbnail[/size][/b]

A fantastic feature of this site! This allows you to choose what part of your picture is used for the thumbnail.


Modify Photo

[b][size=12]Modify Photo[/size][/b]

A few cool, powerful tools that allow you to change the way your picture is presented in the image gallery.



[b][size=12]Photo Tab Information[/size][/b]

Configurable options on the [b]Photo[/b] tab when editing pictures in the gallery.

This is where you can specify the resized picture options, in case you need several different sizes for your picture. I have it set by default to resize the displayed picture to fit within a 640x1000 px box, but it retains your original, full-sized picture. The size options are displayed as a dropdown menu at the top right of the picture, and the full-size is linked there.

General Information

[b][size=12]General Picture Information[/size][/b]

Editing items on the [b]General[/b] tab of gallery pictures.


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