These are instructions, hints, and tips for anything relating to the hobby or gaming aspects of miniatures. To create a tutorial, please chose "story" from the <b>Add new items</b> menu. You can upload and attach images and documents to your tutorial.

Custom Fields

[b][size=12]Using Custom Fields[/size][/b]

This is great for searchability. These fields are here to create a living miniatures database!


Using the Gallery

All registered users get their own album in the Cheddarmonger Gallery, and you are certainly welcome to post pictures here. I do reserve the right to edit pictures or delete things that are either duplicates or totally inappropriate. I'm pretty fussy, so you might find me fiddling with your picture, such as cropping thumbnails or filling in custom fields.

This gallery has lots of useful features. Here's some tips on how to make the most of your own personal photo gallery.

Basic Photo Editing

Ok, so you've slaved over your latest paintjob and got a pic from your digital camera, what next?

Cheap and Easy Snow Bases

I got this idea from an article posted here:

CMON Tutorials

First, take out a couple of unused bases for practice.

Cheddarmongers Photo Skillz!

I still struggle with photography, but I know it doesn't take a very expensive camera, in fact, a 2 megapixel should be just fine. I use a Nikon Coolpix 3.2 megapixel; it was pretty pricey when it was new, but it would be pretty cheap today.

A couple of things that'll get you good pictures:


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