Cheap and Easy Snow Bases

I got this idea from an article posted here:

CMON Tutorials

First, take out a couple of unused bases for practice.

Basically, thin down some white glue (PVA, Elmers Glue, whatever, just not yellow wood glue. Then you'll get yellow snow. Yuk) so that it is a little thicker than milk.

Mix in a bunch of Baking Soda to make a gritty paste. If it is too dry, add glue and/or water. You'll get the perfect consistency with a little practice.

Using a stick, like a coffee stirrer, scoop out some of the pastey mixture and glop it onto your base. It should be firm enough so that you can shape it a little, and it should retain its shape. If it doesn't retain a basic shape, you added too much water. Adjust your goop.

When you're happy with the shape of your snow pile, sprinkle some dry baking soda on top of it to give it a little texture.

Let the whole mess dry overnight, and you're done!

Major caveats for using this on real miniatures --

1. it is best to apply the snow once the base is done and the miniature is painted and sealed. This stuff will stain easily, taking on whatever color isn't quite dried to a waterproof state.
2. it is easy to correct mistakes when applying to a finished miniature; the stuff is extremely water soluable. Just use a big wet paintbrush to clean away any mistakes.
3. Don't use meringue!! Some gamers and sculptors may be tempted to eat the base and possibly the miniature!
4. Add enough baking soda to the snow mixture to make it really thick and gritty. If its still wet and goopy, it won't hold its shape, and it'll just run all over the place.

Here's a sample of this technique:
Baby Snow Troll 1