WWI Hobbits

I've been a bit quiet this summer, as it ihas all been rather busy IRL - but that doesn't mean I haven't been painting. Just not photographing!

I originally painted these little chaps as part of a competition on the Lead Adventure Forum, but I also entered them into the Unit category at Sheffield Irregular's IMP09 event, where they won me the bronze award! Hurrah! :)


Clearly photography is still one of my weak points, but I keep working on it! :) Used a tripod and a white top on my photobox, this time!

Your C&C are most welcome!


Prize winning, and rightly so.

Photography is pretty good. Like good acting, good photography is something you do not notice when is done right. Possibly a fraction more light or exposure, but looking great.

Really love the hue and detail on their faces

Thanks Phil :)

Two things I can see I need to try next are to adjust the angle at which I'm taking photos - basically attach the box I photograph in six inches lower down the wall! :) And also to wrap the lights I'm using in a white card 'lampshade' to direct more of the light into the box. I think that will help lots. I also need to make myself a white infinity backdrop as well!

Still, just got to keep trying!