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This is great for searchability. These fields are here to create a living miniatures database!

Please complete these as well as you can when you add a mini to your album. The fields are really free-text, so any and all terms you enter will be searchable. For example, if you enter "Heresy Miniatures" as the manufacturer, it will be found by a search for "Heresy," or "Miniatures," or "Heresy Miniatures."

[*]Manufacturer -- This is the company that produces the miniature.
[*]Date of Production -- This is helpful for vintage miniatures.
[*]Genre -- This is the basic type or world that this figure fits in, such as Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, Modern, Historical, etc.
[*]Range -- Some manufacturers categorize their items by range, such as Heroes, Villains, Demons, etc, or this-game or that-game.
[*]Game -- This is the game for which the mini was produced! Is it a Fantasy Football piece, a Warhammer or Mordheim, or Warlord piece, etc.
[*]Item Name -- This is what the manufacturer calls the piece.
[*]Item Model Number -- This is great for archival or searching purposes.
[*]Race -- Let's face it; miniatures are diverse. This is where you indicate whether it is Human, Monster, Undead, Dwarf, Elf, etc.
[*]Sculptor -- Give credit where credit is due! I love to know who sculpted a miniature and follow their work.
[*]Painter -- Again, credit where credit is due! If you painted it, or if you bought it from a painter, here's where you blame them.
[*]CMON Item Number -- This is where you type in the item number for your item posted on the Cool Mini or Not online gallery. For what its worth.
[*]CMON Link -- fun fun. Market your piece, pimp for votes! This is a dumb field, but it is bbcode enabled, so code your CMON link here! Such as:
[code][notag]Click [url=]here[/url] to vote for this item![/notag][/code]
where 123456 is your own item number.
[*]CMON Score -- Cool Mini or Not makes their scores available as a php-generated image. In this field, enter this code:
where 123456 is your own item number.
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