It's Blog, it's Blog, it's big, it's heavy, it's words...

I'm thinking of disabling the "create web page" feature for general use for a few reasons:
[*]Web Log has all of the editing features of the web page, so if you want to create content, a web log entry should do the trick
[*]Web Logs have the "URL Path Settings" feature, so your blog entry can easily look like a stand-alone web page.
[*]A block of "Recent Blog Posts" is available for browsing titles of the latest posts; for webpages, you have to hit the "recent posts" link to see what's new.
[*]Eliminating that feature from the Create Content link will just make the site a bit simpler.
Feel free to comment, if you agree this is a good idea, or if you think I'm nutz. And, don't be afraid to start your own blog!