What I did at Paint Club

Well, not exactly, but I did go to the painting club meeting at The Source today. It wasn't very popular; there was no reminder sent, so I guess folks forgot. I made a tiny bit of progress there. Here's this week's workbench:

[img_assist|nid=327|title=Week of July 8, 2007|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=400|height=311]

Front row center, we see the incredible resin Heresy Thrud statue; the latest for my Thrud collection. I spent most of today's paint club priming this piece; next time, I'm just spray priming these resin pieces. What a pain.

I brought the Fubarnii Knight out of hiding and back onto the table, and made a bit of progress. I forgot to bring yellow paint, so I only got so far. I did differentiate the rider from the steed a bit more, so I feel pretty good about that.

Next up, Capn Nathan is still on the sticks and not in the stripping jar yet; just have to focus and figure out how to make those browns pop out but add depth and character to him.

Still working on the Dark Sword beastmaster; I just can't figure out what he needs. Maybe I'll lighten up the hair and work on the sword.

Also still working on the D&D gnome. I need some brown recipes, like Capn Nathan, he needs depth and character, but I envision his clothing to be mainly worn leather.

Next up is the Frothers guy, but I think he's about ready for the stripping jar; not quite happy with how he's turning out.

Last up, the Impact mascot, getting ready to join my collection of snow beasts.



Are you allowed to talk about paint club?

Nobody has come after me yet... :spy

You just gotta watch out for gaming in a public place, normal caveats, bring your nerd shield and something to counteract hygiene issues.

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