Blood Bowl Dice Don't Roll Fair!

Added the Blood Bowl dice to the [url=]dice album[/url] and noticed something.
Firstly, I had to paint in two of the numbers on the D16, which is really great quality control on what are not inexpensive dice!
The second thing I noticed was that all of the high numbers are on one side of the D16, and all the lowers on the other. On a D6 dice the opposite sides add up to 7. On a D12 the opposite sides add up to 13, and on a D20 the opposite faces total 21. I looked at [url=]my other D16[/url], and the faces total 17, as might be expected. The Blood Bowl D16, however, has 1 to 8 on one side, 9 to 16 on the other. Because of the double cone-like shape of a D16 it is possible to favour one side when hand rolling it. You might be wise to insist a coach uses a cup or dice tower for D16 rolls.
Intriguingly, the arrangement of numerals on the D8 also does not follow convention, opposing faces not totalling 9.