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Ok, I promised a flood, but it has taken me longer to get around to the latest bout of photographing. More will follow.
Lots of Skaven

Dry Spell Over, Flood Warning.

I went through something of a dry patch with respect to painting. When it ended the flood gates broke and I got a lot of painting done. So much so, that I have had to halt painting until I can get some of the backlog photographed. I have barely scratched the surface, so expect a few uploads in the coming weeks.
What do we have today?
Some Necromundan vampire slayer conversions:

Blood Bowl Dice Don't Roll Fair!

Added the Blood Bowl dice to the dice album and noticed something.

Skaven and Dice

Some more Skaven, including an alternate line up for the Blood Bowl team. In addition, some colourful entries for the dice album.

I'm Back, and it is Blood Bowl

While I have not been doing much painting in recent months, I have been doing even less photography, so I actually have something of a backlog to catch up. Expect a few updates in the near future.


Some Skaven.

Master Moulder Greel and Rat Ogres


After building some fimir with myeri bits it was inevitable that I would want to paint the whole figures.

There's Fimir in 'Ere!

I had something of a novel problem. I had a couple of fimir models missing heads and tails. I also had some fimir heads and tails. But the bodies were warriors, the head was for a meargh, two of the tails were for nobles and the other tail for a meargh or dirach.

Whiffling through the tulgey wood...

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

A couple more Skaven

More Skaven, these ones done using three colour undercoat.

Queek Headtaker


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