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Ok, I promised a flood, but it has taken me longer to get around to the latest bout of photographing. More will follow.
Lots of Skaven

Dry Spell Over, Flood Warning.

I went through something of a dry patch with respect to painting. When it ended the flood gates broke and I got a lot of painting done. So much so, that I have had to halt painting until I can get some of the backlog photographed. I have barely scratched the surface, so expect a few uploads in the coming weeks.
What do we have today?
Some Necromundan vampire slayer conversions:

Blood Bowl Dice Don't Roll Fair!

Added the Blood Bowl dice to the [url=]dice album[/url] and noticed something.

Skaven and Dice

Some more [url=]Skaven[/url], including an alternate line up for the Blood Bowl team. In addition, some colourful entries for the [url=]dice album[/url].

I'm Back, and it is Blood Bowl

While I have not been doing much painting in recent months, I have been doing even less photography, so I actually have something of a backlog to catch up. Expect a few updates in the near future.


Some Skaven.

Master Moulder Greel and Rat Ogres


After building some fimir with myeri bits it was inevitable that I would want to paint the whole figures.

There's Fimir in 'Ere!

I had something of a novel problem. I had a couple of fimir models missing heads and tails. I also had some fimir heads and tails. But the bodies were warriors, the head was for a meargh, two of the tails were for nobles and the other tail for a meargh or dirach.

A couple more Skaven

More Skaven, these ones done using three colour undercoat.

Queek Headtaker


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