Yet another oops

Sorry 'bout that, I attempted to do some patching on the site and screwed up the gallery.

Never fear, I'm restoring it from backup, it will be back up and running in the morning (Central US time). I don't expect that anything will be missing.


I got the gallery mostly fixed, and I know it is intact; if you hit the gallery link, you'll see the pics. It just isn't 100% working and it isn't embedded properly.

I'll fix it in the morning!

Okay, we're back to normal.[G2:3634]

I know the subscription notifications are coming out a little verbose, I updated the plugin and now there's stuff to configure. I'll get to it eventually. I'm just relieved that I was able to recover the jacked gallery.

I upgraded the Gallery. It is a little wonky, the Ratings doesn't seem to work, but folks rarely rate stuff anyway. However, a new feature, "Watch," is now in effect. You (registered cheddarmongers) can now subscribe to albums for updates.