Ogres!!!! Run!!!! Forget the ball, you idiot!!!

Well, I have finally got around to taking a photo of one of my Blood Bowl teams, prompted by snailracer (thank you, sir!) :)

Only a basic paintjob, but most servicable for playing Blood Bowl!

[size=8][i]Clicky Image[/i][/size][/url][/center]

These chaps are the Narco-Ogre Saints. There is some debate about why they are called this, but it is commonly agreed that narcotics are useful to help with the pain after you've faced this team on the Blood Bowl field.

I'm hoping to get a bit more information up on the web soon about the Blood Bowl league that we're playing at work, and I'll let you all know if I get around to it.

Your comments and feedback are most welcome.



Those are great, very colorful yet cohesive!

I've posted up a preview of some of the other BB teams I'm working on at the moment, here: