ARAP Gemini Rules and Dice

For those that may have been curious about [url=]my recent entries[/url] in the dice album.



[s]Redemptionist Zealot with Massive Axe[/s] got a couple, one will be joining my Witchhunter army soon.

[s]Leman Russ Plasma Cannon sponsors[/s] got some-installed on vehicle, photos up soon.

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Irregular Magazine Issue 3 - Winter '10

Irregular Magazine 3 / Winter '10 has just been released on the newly resdesigned Irregular Magazine website! :)

1/72 Undead from Ceaser Miniatures - more fodder for the FantasyRaiders campaign!!

Some more plastic fantasy minis from Caesar Miniatures. These were as much fun to paint as the [url=]Dwarves I posted[/url] and we're also using these in the Fantasy Raiders campaign we're playing.

Godri's Christmas (G)Rumble

We decided to hold a fun Blood Bowl tournament over the christmas break, hosted by one of our dwarf teams. It was designed to be a bit of fun so was limited to 5 turn halves and had a few special rules; the weather table was changed to 1-2 Nice, 3-4 Pouring rain, 5-6, Blizzard and every team had a henikon babe to revive KO'd player 3-6 The Henikon revives the player and he may return to play as normal, 2 the player remains KO'd, 1 totally inebriated, the player is out for the rest of the game.


Lymington Blood Bowl League Cup

Well its been a while since I last posted so I thought I'd get back into the swing with a report from our cup weekend.


What Makes a Sci-fi game?

Came across several things recently that cause me to question...

"What makes a game a sci-fi game rather than a fantasy game?"

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Woo-hoo!! I am now a published author!

OK, its not quite the same as a book, or an article in New Scientist, but it is all my work :)


Blood Bowl: Humans vs Ogres

Another game of Blood Bowl :)



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