A slightly mad alternate Stargate universe idea.

Not very long ago I had this slighly bonkers idea about playing a Stargate style game in one of the many alternate universes that seem to
crop in the series all of the time. Before I could do that, of course, I'd need to create a "different" SGC type organisation.

I've written down some of these ideas for getting started, although they are no means complete and I'd appreciate any feedback you care give concerning any of it - even if you just tell me to give up because "that way madness lies!"

My notes on creating your own SGC are here.


Dave :)


Certainly gives you lots of varied scenarios.

On the downside, the tables rather rely on the GM having a good historical knowledge of the region and period rolled. Some combinations are easy, some not so.

A lot of the combinations rolled come up with the British Empire controlling the gate -either in victorian times or in the inter-war "High Adventure" decades. Pretty easy to play but still offering some interesting possibilities. Would the gate be run by the equivalent of the East India company or would gentry and others of the privileged classes be allowed to use the gate for their own ends, recreational or commerical.

Intriguing is how discovering or controlling a gate might effect a country such as belgium or norway during the great depression.

I particularly like the idea of the gate being discovered in the future in Zimbabwae by Poles. That has some very interesting potential.

Another one to ponder is the Catholic church discovering the gate just after WW2. How would they use it, given the world situation and the dawn of the cold war?

Well, I guess part of the fun of it is knowing or learning a bit about the period - I guess that is a personal bias that I'd not realised, that I do know a broad swathe of history in the general, which I guess helps.

I always think that when you have sets of tables like this in a game to help generate background, it is good that they are generally evocative and get the mind going - they clearly did with you, Phil :) I liked the Poles in Zimbabwe - that could easily be a modern/near future forces campaign, with the Poles as Peace Keepers in Zimbabwe, what with the way things are going there. I also liked the British finding the Gate in South Africa - especially since I've got some Zulu Wars British on the painting table at the moment, for some Victorian Science Fiction type gaming :)

I can see why there might be a bias towards the British (well, I can't help who I am!) but that is largely down to the amount of territory we used to control. However, I deliberately left the definitions of "Major" and "Minor" world powers vague, because they can change pretty radpidly, and also to give some element of choice to the creator - an example of where I avoided the British, is the one where the gate is found in French West Africa. The bias I did notice is that the gate won't turn up in the Americas very much, and is unlikely to be found by an American, but that doesn't mean that it can't pass into the hands of the Americans - a good candidate for such a result is the gate found in Germany in 1920 by the early National Socialists. Pretty easy to imagine they can't work it out and it passes into the hands of the Americans when they lose WWII, who do figure it out, pretty much as happens in the TV series.

The Catholic Chrurch one was difficult, because like pretty much all international organisations, some see them as good and some see them as bad. That's why I chose to have a "Good Organsisation" and "Bad Organsisation" items appear on the table, so that if you want an evil catholic church, it can come up on that result, but if you see them as a force for good, that you can take them on the other result.

The next thing I think I need to do is create a process for developing a post-discovery history for the gate, up to the point where its function is properly discovered, then I think it because a playable wargame campaign basis - before that though, some one-off scenarios might be thrown up - fighting over the gate, skirmished between agencies, etc.

I don't have a problem with the British Empire idea -how they would handle a stargate in the 1890s or 1930s is actually something that could be very interesting. And as you said, controlled a Quarter of the world and a Quarter of the world's population, including most of the historic and desirable bits, so the odds are with them.

(I thought the poles might have been builders who'd reached Zimbabwae by 2019...) But that is a interesting scenario in many respects. If a UN Peacekeeper force discovers a stargate in an unstable country or rogue regime, what do they do? Hand it over to the party in power, to the UN or save it for their own nation? Would an african power that discovers evidence of ancient and advanced civilisation exploit this for their own prestige, or us it to unite warring tribes and nations

The Catholic church one has lots of potential. Would the church try to use something that might bring their established beliefs into question? But with the world licking its wounds from a world war and genocidal holocaust and drifting into a cold war and potential nuclear holocaust can the church stand by and not use the power it has stumbled upon?

You know, your tables would be great for generating novels!


Well.... now i have a stargate built, i was thinking of maybe doing another one, some day :D I like the idea of your, alternate or parallel worlds, I’ve never really wanted to just re-play the episodes.

I’ve always liked the idea of combining the dr who universe with stargate, and have thought about a "alternate storyline" which interacts/co-insides with the series for both dr who and stargate.

i like the idea of the gate still being discovered in Egypt but by the Germans, then shipping it back to Germany where it was in storage until Hitler ordered it to be taken to their secrets department, thinking that it may have led him to the secrets of Atlantis (he wasn’t far off the truth lol) maybe they managed to activate the gate once or twice….. then when the Americans entered Germany they got their hands on it and shipped it to the usa thinking it was a weapon.....from there on you get stargate continuum and the series kicking in.

but whilst that was all going on so was everything in dr who.... the doctor, Torchwood, UNIT, Daleks etc.... UNIT and Torchwood know about the SGC but have always had a special relationship with America, meaning….Torchwood and UNIT stay away from the Stargate and SGC stay away from the Doctor....

time lords and the ancients go way back and at one time were allies with some time lords being referred to as the 4th race, the never seen race called the "Furlings".... the ancients went the way of trying to branch out across the galaxy building stargates and ascending, whilst the time lords policed the timelines....... well you know the rest.

I’ve also really liked the fact that with stargate and dr who, you can basically have any off word setting, alternate timelines, monsters, zombies etc

so i think the ideas you have are good, and would work for alternate universes or even making background info for off world planets and use the exsisting sga/sg1 teams to explore them

So there is a lot of potential there for a great gaming system, just a shame I never seem to get ant time to play a game.


If you write a novel based on an idea from my tables, I want a credit in the front of the book - or at least a character named after me!! ;)

I think I need to come up with a generic, but minimal, set of data to describe an organisation in control of a Stargate and what they're doing with it, as well as another set of data to descibe hostile and friendly organisations. Once I have that, then posing the questions and creating the tables to populate that data should be fairly straight forward. Then there would be the "progress to function" mechanism before an SGC-esque organisation would be fully described. Then a campaign progress type system.

I guess I'd not really thought about it in those terms before I started talking about this with you, Phil, I just realised what I am after creating is a flexible campaign-control system for a custom Stargate-esque campaign. This is really helping me get my head straight about what I'm trying to do! So thanks!! :D

Like I've got time to write a novel, let alone all the ones your generator can potentially throw up!

As Grek says, potentially the stargate could open to anywhere or anywhen. To the tunnels of Ninguable of the Seven eyes, perhaps, or even sometimes to portals that are not stargates -necessitating the party to search for a stargate to get back by.
Hints of sliders and about a dozen other sci-fi series!


Glad you like the idea :)

One of things that I had in my head for the proper campaign part of the system was enemy generation which could include anything you want, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen, Grimn, Demons, Zombies, Klingons, Orks, Peacekeepers, Mysterons, whatever, as well as the regular SG "races" and cultures.

I'm toying with the idea of a turn-based campaign system, where one or more things might happen in any given month - maybe have some kind of sotryline intensity variable that indicates time between events, so that there are times when nothing huge happens for three months, then other times when the SGC needs saving three times a week.

The campaign system would be nominally independent of the rules system being using for the individual wargames - although there would probably need to be some kind of conversion, somewhere.

I think the "progress to activation" system would need to be 'slower' until the purpose of the Stargate was discovered. Dunno, still rolling stuff around in my head.

I'm going to be offline now until Monday - but if you have any more ideas, or lists of things, or even if you generate an SGC or two of your own, let me know - all stuff is useful right now, and I'll happy add your SGCs to my list! :D Oh, and I know about Gateworld.net already :)