1/72 Undead from Ceaser Miniatures - more fodder for the FantasyRaiders campaign!!

Some more plastic fantasy minis from Caesar Miniatures. These were as much fun to paint as the [url=]Dwarves I posted[/url] and we're also using these in the Fantasy Raiders campaign we're playing.

Songs of Blades and Heroes Fantasy Campaign

At the local club I attend, a few of us have started a Fantasy Raiders campaign, which is like Viking Raiders, but with Fantasy Races :)

A slightly mad alternate Stargate universe idea.

Not very long ago I had this slighly bonkers idea about playing a Stargate style game in one of the many alternate universes that seem to
crop in the series all of the time. Before I could do that, of course, I'd need to create a "different" SGC type organisation.

I've written down some of these ideas for getting started, although they are no means complete and I'd appreciate any feedback you care give concerning any of it - even if you just tell me to give up because "that way madness lies!"

Top Ten Signs You Just Met the Main Bad Guy

A little humor to start the day!
[*]Your assassin just wet his pants.
[*]The ancient red dragon you had just been fighting says "Shit! I'm out of here!" and flies away.

Lunk's Stuff

Spurned throughout his childhood, Lunk ran away from his tribe as he started to reach adulthood, as his human feelings started to form in his simple mind. In a form of pennance for his tribe's brutality, Lunk seeks to right wrongs and protect the innocent.


This information is taken from systems originally created by Clinton R. Nixon and others on the TSOY Wiki

Here's information regarding Keys.

[b]Leveling up[/b]
Your PC starts at 1st level with 0 XP. It takes 13 XP to gain a level, so 2st -13 XP, 3nd – 26 XP and so on.


Another day, another Dragon

As Deidre said, the Dragon Crossing was about to occur.

"Come-on, let's go!" said the sneaky little one. Then the magicky one turns us into the wind, and we fly up to the top of the lighthouse. There was an ogre waiting up there for us, so I charge into the beast!

After trading a few blows, the creature turned into a cloud and wafted away, leaving us free to search for the portal to the blue dragon's lair. We found the portal, and a riddle appeared. When we solved the riddle, a door appeared and we stepped through...

D&D Game

Bring your GPS and some trail rations - you'll need em!

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