Songs of Blades and Heroes Fantasy Campaign

At the local club I attend, a few of us have started a Fantasy Raiders campaign, which is like Viking Raiders, but with Fantasy Races :)

We're using the [url=]Songs of Blades and Heroes[/url] rules from [url=]Ganesha Games[/url]. We're also using 1/72 minis, as they're cheap and available and, frankly, most of us have piles of things lying around that can be put to use!

I've finished the the minis I need for my warband of Dwarves - the Ironhead Giants, and I've sealed them with a heavy varnish to protect them. I want to use a matt layer over the top, but I don't want to waste my precious aerosol Testor's Dullcoat. I've got some of the brush-on stuff, which seems to have separated into two layers, and I don't know if that still means it is alive or not? Anyone got any advice?

In the mean time, here are some pretty pics. I've not tried to go for the best standard of painting I can acheive as they are likely to take some hammer, but I'm pretty pleased with the result anyway.

[center][b]The Ironhead Giants[/b]

[b]The Ironhead Giants first fight of the raiding season[/b]
([url=]SBH Warband List[/url], if you're really interested!)

Unfortunately we landed just ahead of a raiding party of Frost Orcs. However, neither of us wanted to take too many hits this early in the raiding season, so we reached a compromise to beat up the humans (who put up quite a reasonable fight, I must say!) and share the spoils.

The humans were pretty weird types who [s]were celts that hadn't been painted yet[/s] wore white body paint for strange religions reasons.

Here you see us just after breaking the core of the human's warriors, dragging three of subdued humans, including the village chief back to our boat as slaves, whilst the Ver Ironheadssen brothers (the leader and hero of the warband, in cloaks) provide a protection from and deterant to the orcs and humans, allowing the boys to ensure we got our share of the spoils. Hmmm ... I think the boat could do with a new lick of paint, too, come to think of it!

Here you can see the Frost Orcs assaulting the last of the warriors and villages in an attempt to take slaves, but mostly doing a bad job and outright killing the humans. You can still see Sven Ver Ironheadssen providing cover for the last of boys.

Overall we did pretty well, getting away with 16 turnips, 2 cows and 4 slaves, including the village cheif and a warrior. I think the orcs ended up with more cows, but fewer turnips and slaves, at the end of the day. Poor old Kort Eikbana, one of our berkerkers, unfortunately got a spear in the jacksie from one of the villagers after slipping on a cow pat in the middle of a fight - but he'll be on his feet again in a couple of days and ready for the fight once more; and burning with more than rage next time!

Your comments and feedback and most welcome!


Those are great Keeper! I wouldn't have realised they were as small as 1/72nd if you'd not mentioned it.

Brush on dull coat seems to separate into layers if left for a while. It should be OK if you stir it.

Thanks Phil :)

Caerban on CHF said the same thing. I'm going to give it a go, but I've just not found the time to get it done, yet!

So much mundane stuff gets in the way of painting :(

We played again last Wednesday, but I've only just found time to finish the first AAR of the night, as I managed to squeeze in three games!

The first was playing as the human defenders against Peter's Undead raiding force. Rather than repeat it here, I'll just link to my website: and follow the link on the left to [i][b]Human Defenders 1[/b][/i].

Your comments and feedback are most welcome!