Woo-hoo!! I am now a published author!

OK, its not quite the same as a book, or an article in New Scientist, but it is all my work :)




congrats... hehe i like what it says up in the corner "Dave earned £15 in eM-4 credit"

I know :) Now I need to decide what I want to spend my credit on!

No balloon squad?

No special rule that some charges falter? (since Virgins often won't go all the way.....)

..or am I just virgin on the ridiculous?

Congratulations -and you've actually earned money with your writing!

Thanks Phil :) Well, I'm not sure I'd call it money, as it will be immediately cashed in as miniatures :D

Instead of a teleport for RBP's battle chair - I was thinking of him being able to deploy and withdraw by ballon. Let me find a picture of the mini I use for him ...


I did think that one of theose craft polystyrene balls could be constructed, enclused in a wire frame of 'rigging' that would come down and fit on the top of his "battlechair", so that the bottom half of the mini look a little like a balloon gondola :) But, since this is a Black Tree figure, and not a em4 mini, I simplified the RBP description, as I couldn't really include a photo of him for the CZ chronicles article.

I've just got a better photography setup done at home, so I'll try and sort out a better photo of him! :) Acutally, I might apply some dullcoat first! :duh:

it's Dave Ross..... he looks quite cool in red :)

[quote=Grekwood]it's Dave Ross..... he looks quite cool in red :)
Gareth [/quote]


I think you'll find that that is in fact Ricardo Branston-Pickle!

oh yeah...lol i see it now... the v should givern it away