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[b]Important updates[/b] -- as you may know, we have successfully migrated the Cheddarmongers site to a new version of code because the old site was way past support and it was really wonky. Well, the downside is that I updated the site to the next version, which will probably go out of support sometime this year. In addition, the gallery code is also old, and the development team that creates and maintains that has called it quits for now. Here's the details...
The website is built on Drupal content management, and is currently on version 6. We are using Gallery2 for the picture gallery, and Gallery2 is embedded into Drupal so that users are synched and lots of great features are merged.
Cheddarmongers was originally built on Drupal 4, and was migrated to Drupal 5 about seven years ago. Drupal 8 is in development, and they only really support two versions at a time, so when Drupal 8 is released, Drupal 6 won't be supported. When I was having trouble with the Gallery2/Drupal integration a few years back, I granted access to the non-embedded gallery in parallel to the embedded gallery, so folks were able to provide links to their pictures in an embedded and non-embedded view.
Gallery2 is pretty awesome, but Gallery3 has way better performance. However neither version is supported at this point. Grr.
I'm experimenting with embedding Gallery2 and Gallery3 into Drupal7. I'm able to migrate the site and the gallery to their new versions, but getting the integration to work has eluded me so far.
So -- here's the options so far:
[*]Keep it as it is. Big downside -- poor gallery performance, no sustainability
[*]Upgrade to Drupal 7 and integrate Gallery2 with custom blocks/frames. Downsides-- perpetuates the un-embedded gallery, drift between URL links to images, will create broken links, user accounts won't be synched anymore.
[*]Upgrade to Drupal 7 and use the Gallery2 bridge. Downside -- Gallery2 performance and sustainability, broken links, and the current bridge does not synch accounts.
[*]Upgrade to Drupal 7 and Gallery 3. Gallery 3 sustainability, I don't know if I can get the bridge to work, and it will also create broken links.
[*]Upgrade to Drupal 7 and use its included gallery -- broken links, but might be able to replicate links with custom URL pathing, but that would be a pain for the >6,000 images in the gallery. Also -- I don't know if I'll be able to replicate all of the cool features by using Drupal's gallery. Huge learning curve for me.[/list]
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There's also a g2migrate option that migrates the Gallery into Drupal images. I'm experimenting with it to see if I can get it to work, and to see what happens.