Lymington Blood Bowl League Cup

Well its been a while since I last posted so I thought I'd get back into the swing with a report from our cup weekend.

We play a cup at the end of our season entitled the Ju-Lucks cup (because Julian is the luckiest BB coach alive). Our season games are used to seed for the cup, and coaches can enter either of their acive teams.

Usually we have 8 teams taking part, which gives a very nice first round with winners going to a cup and losers going to a plate. Unfortunately we had two coaches drop out, which made things a bit more complicated. We still wanted a Cup and Plate so settled on the following (which is complicated):
1st round: Seed 1 v Seed 2, Seed 3 v Seed 5, Seed 4 v Seed 6.
2nd round: Semi 1:Winner 1v2 v Winner 3v5, Semi 2:Loser 1v2 v Winner 2v6, Loser 3v5 v Loser 4v6
3rd round: Cup final, Plate final, Loser playoff.
Cup finalists are semi winners. The other places were determined using points (win=3, draw=1)Drawn matches gave both teams a point but a winner was then decided with an extra drive or dice off.

So the first round saw top seed the Corsairs (dark elf) take on second seed the Aristocrats (human). The game ended in a 1-1 draw with the humans winning the dice off, which allowed them to choose which semi they wanted to be in.
3rd seed Saints (human)took on the 5th seeded Reavers (ogres, my team) and won 3-0. The other game saw the Greenskins(orc) take on the Juggernauts (human). The humans ran out 2-1 winners.

The second round saw the Aristocrats draw with the Juggernauts, and then lose in an extremely long period of overtime. The second semi was an exciting contest between the top seeded Corsairs and the tournament favourites The Saints. The game ended 2-2 but the Corsairs went through to the final after scoring in overtime. The Greenskins easily beat the Reavers 3-0 (and 7-0 on casualties!).

The cup final was another incredibly close game that the Corsairs just manage to edge 3-2 to justify their number one seeding. The plate final was a fairly one sided affair with the Saints running out 4-0 winners over the Greenskins. The shock of the tournament was provided by the losers game; the Reavers managed to pull out a 1-0 win over the second seeded Aristocrats.

We had a really good day and some very entertaining games. The number of draws at full time was very unexpected and showed how close the teams are in the league (feel free to have a look at our forum [url][/url]. It also led to us ruling that next year all draws are resolved with a dice off as 14 hours was just far too long to play 3 rounds of games :)
The similarity in standard of the teams was also helped by last years winners The Hammerers (dwarf; dont you just hate them) not entering.

We are now into a new season and several of us are thinking of starting new teams, I'm quite tempted by a chaos pact...



It is great that you have an active BB league! If you read my [url=][i]Operation Prime Everything[/i][/url] blog, you'll see I have a Nurgles Rotters team all primed up and ready for painting! Now I just have to find a league! :cm

Thanks for sharing your season with us.

Excellent :) Thanks for sharing, snailracer!

We're approaching the end of the penultimate game of our league (although I need to publish on the internet more of the results). We've each got three teams, playing all of the others in a soccor-league format - and it looks like its down to the Humans or the Skaven (neither one is my team!) to win the league!

I'll try and remember to post a proper update when we're all done.

I've never played Blood Bowl. Will probably never play Blood Bowl, but I do really enjoy reading these match reports, so keep them coming


[quote=uncle phil]I've never played Blood Bowl. Will probably never play Blood Bowl, but I do really enjoy reading these match reports, so keep them coming


Blood Bowl is a fun game, more like a board game than your typical tabletop miniatures game.

I enjoy playing, but I'm not very good at it. I think sports fanatics :keeper have an advantage because they understand general football strategy

[quote=cheddarmonger]I think sports fanatics :keeper have an advantage because they understand general football strategy

You'd think so, wouldn't you?(I'm big NFL fan, for those that don't already know). But we're in the final game of our league at the moment and my highest placed team in third!

Although, I did play quite a successful wildcat drive in my last game with my Dolphins - which is appropriate this season, since the real Dolphins have made use of the trick-play wildcat offence 70+ times this season! ;)

I find it helps to think of each drive as a single play. So 8 turns of Blood Bowl counts as about 30 seconds of real play :)

It also makes sure you dont get over excited and move players towards the endzone too early. This is by far the most common rookie mistake as people tend to forget the other team has a turn before they can score. Our halfling coach can be relied upon to move too early and it makes it very easy to stop him scoring. And hopefully kill his ball carrier :evil:

That is exactly what I try to do too, although with the Ogre team, it is always worth sending a snotling or two upfield early, because with MV5 and ST1, they can at least draw off a couple of the opposition whilst my six Ogres beat down some of the linemen!