Works in progress

Well here are the next two pieces on my list to finish :)

The first is a 'squirrel' that I found as a present for my girlfriend as she is obsessed with Scrat from Ice Age.


The second is something I've been working on for a while but not taken any photos as it was in the garage.
This is my attempt at a Blood Bowl dugout that doubles as a carrying case for both my teams (and hopefully other bits as well).



Its pretty much A4 sized (mainly due to me working it out on an A4 bit of paper :)) and 90mm tall. The lids slide out and the rear one will flip over to have the turn and re-roll track on it. The front one is going to have the team Name/logo and possibly score marker on it and will sit in front of the box during play.
I'm going to put sheet steel in the bottom and put magnets on all my players. The front 3 boxes will probably get some detailing; brick pattern plasticard and some paint effects.

There are a few other bits sat on the desk wanting attention but theyre all waiting for something else; I need 1/43 jerry cans for the Panda, and inspiration for the pile of lead! :)



Great idea for a dugout, snailracer :)