Irregular Magazine Issue 3 - Winter '10

Irregular Magazine 3 / Winter '10 has just been released on the newly resdesigned Irregular Magazine website! :)

Cold Ones Wanted

I recently got a job lot of Lizardman pieces that included four or five rather nice mounted Lizardmen figures.

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Stuff wanted secition?

How about a "Stuff wanted"/"Stuff Going" billboard, bit like the wishlist be visible to all visitors, not just members?

(yes, I still want the Umpty Candy Card Album and some WH40K robots!)


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Works in progress

Well here are the next two pieces on my list to finish :)

The first is a 'squirrel' that I found as a present for my girlfriend as she is obsessed with Scrat from Ice Age.


Snow Days

Observations from a Minnesota gamer:


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