Airfix Land Rover

I recently noticed that Airfix make a kit with a pair of 1/48th scale Land Rover 110s. A "Snatch" and a "WMIK". Despite the difference in scales in practice 1/48th vehicles can look quite reasonable alongside 28mm figures.

The kit arrived yesterday morning so I spent part of the day building the WMIK and undercoating it. Today I painted it.

I don't get to paint many vehicles and this would be the first vehicle I painted using [url=][b]three colour undercoating techniques.[/b][/url]


This build was inspired by the vehicles in Far Cry 2 so I made a number of modifications. See [url=][b]Gallery[/b][/url] and search for "Airfix land rover" for more views.

The camouflage scheme is what a friend of mine calls "Rust and Dirt" pattern and incorporates crypsis and mimesis strategies. At a distance it breaks up the shape of the vehicle. If you do identify the object as a vehicle it may be mistake for a dirt and [url=][b]corrosion[/b][/url] covered civilian vehicle of a type common in the Third world.

Base colour was Tamiya Dark Yellow. This was applied in a thin coat with the undercoat partially visible and vertical brushstrokes were used on the vertical surfaces to create an impression of rain streaking. Highlights were applied with GW Bleached Bone and this colour was used to further build up the streaking effect. Tamiya Khaki was used as a shade colour in a few places. The darker patches were painted with Humbrol Acrylic 70 Brick Red Matt and this was highlighted and streaked with Wargames Foundry Terracotta B shade.. The mismatched left wing was painted in Tamiya Medium Blue, mainly in vertical strokes as for the Dark Yellow. Highlighting and streaking was with MP Pale Blue.