Archers, Gladiators and Death Jesters

Another varied band!

Firstly, some Harlequin Death Jesters


Death Jesters have a Morbid/Gothic theme but are also frivolous and have a dark sense of humour, so I've went for a carnival/day of the dead look.

I've added a couple more Orc Archers


And I've added some new gladiators from Fenryll.


These are the first ever resin figures I've painted and proved to be rather brittle. Snapped an arm and two weapons just putting them together, so I painted them with an enamel undercoat to toughen them up.


Nice work on all of them, Phil :)

I like the style of the Death Jesters - it reminds me of the half painted one I started when Fabian (or someone else, perhaps - Fabian was involved) challenged a Harlequin paint-off on the CHF, which fizzled out. I'll have to see if I can't dig out and finish those harlequins, having seen your work, Phil :)

Orcs are nice, too - although I've never really been able to get into fantasy orcs, even LotR orcs.

Never heard of Fenryn - but they look nice. What scale are they? Got a link?

They are Fenryll FA98 (I should never attempt to do anything when I'm tired -or ever!)

I haven't measured them but suspect they are about 31mm to the eyes. Bit on the large side but compatible enough with 28mm if you think of them as big healthy lads, as experienced gladiators might very well be. They've mainly been sitting on the table with orcs and the old style harlequins and judge dredd figures -which are 25mm, so hard to estimate.

If you want strictly historical gladiators the weapons are obviously not appropriate, and be wary of the brittle resin.

I only got the Orcs to bulk up an order to get free postage, but I think they have far more character and individuality than I'd expected, and they make a nice compliment to the black orcs.

those are cool gladiators. I have the Mordheim Pit Fighters warband, and I recommend those figures highly. They are also a bit on the burly side.
Oh, gotta get painting!
The resin figures -- I weigh down the bases of plastic figures because they are just unmanageable while gaming, they are too easy to knock down. Nickels (US 5 cent pieces) fit into 25mm round bases perfectly.

They are not so much burly as just on the large side compared to most 28mm. They are quite nicely proportioned and sculpted, although that is true of all of the gladiators I've painted so far. The Old Glory ones may not look that good in their catalogue but they are rather nice painted up.

I have some scrap sheet brass that I used to weigh down square based figures if necessary. Little point of interest- these fenryll gladiators are cast in one piece, including the base -only the weapons and shields are separate (but had enough trouble fitting them!)

I'll have to have another look at the Mordhein Pitfighters band