Back in Action

As you may be able to deduce, my camera is back from repair, and I even gained an extra battery from the process! Have to reprogram a few of the settings, so current photos are a little below parr, but the good news is that there are lots of them.

I have a new album called Gladiators and a few more images should be going up there soon.

In Street People we have Mr Jingles.

In the German Army album there are some new photos including four vehicles.

In the Chaos album there are some new additions to the Malal cult, including the fine figures from Hasslefree.

Hasslefree are also represented in the main gallery with the addition of two aliens.

The Imperium is not neglected either, with their ranks being swelled by two vintage Chaplains and the current Terminator Chaplain.

There are a few more figures nearly done, so expect another update soon