Big Daddy and Brother Vinni

        I recently came across a sculptor from Slovakia called [url=][b]Brother Vinni[/b][/url]. One of the figures that caught my eye was this figure, obviously inspired by the first and second Bio-shock games. He calls it a "Sea Frog" and you can find it in the [url=!/~/product/category=5965004&id=25324782][b]28mm Sci-fi Soldiers section[/b][/url].


        I’m really impressed with this figure. It is cast from resin without any bubbles and virtually no mould lines! It was a pleasure to paint, one of those figures that seems to suck the paint into the right places! I picked the figure up from the post office Saturday morning and started the [url=][b]three colour undercoating[/b][/url] on Saturday night. Actual painting was in just a few hours on Sunday morning.

        After the three colour undercoating was dry the figure was drybrushed with P3 “Brass Balls”. A wash of Vallejo Russian Uniform and a drybrush of GW Goblin Green added the necessary look of verdigris and algae for a Bioshock Big Daddy. Then it was a job of adding in the details.