Black Orcs, Big Dog and Cute Judge

Finishing the current small batch took a bit longer than I expected, but some of them are done, and as promised, an upload.

Orks were one of the first things I brought when I got into Miniature painting, yet up until now I've not finished any to a state worth photographing. So it is perhaps a little ironic that the first Ork I complete is my most recent, the one that came on the cover of WD345. (there was also a terminator model, and you know what I'm like with termies!)

Keeping with things Green, I also decided to have a go at an Orc on Warboar figure I brought several years ago. And to keep him company I had to paint up some Black Orcs to back him up.


I've started a new album for Orcs, Space Orks and all their relations. Expect to see this one grow soon.

For the dog lovers out there, a rather nice hound from the Mordheim range


And I had a little bit of luck on ebay, finding a vintage GW Judge Anderson figure for just 99p!



I like the Black Orcs phil - you've got a reall dark cast to their skin which looks great. Is that something like an ink over foundation orkhide shade?

The judge is nice too - her face and hair have come out well, I'm just not sure about the green - but that is more of a fashion thing than a painting thing :)

I've listed the paints I used for the black orcs on the squad photo pages...

[i]"Each Black Orc was done slightly differently but all were first painted with GW Foundation Orchide and worked up with CdA Black-Green. Skin tones were then built up with various colours such as CdA Grey-green, Vallejo German Uniform green, GW Dark green ink, GW Snot green, GW Scaley green, MP Dark green, Tamiya Field grey"[/i]

For the record, only one Black Orc had Green Ink used on him. Very sparing amounts of Goblin Green were used on a few bits.

Mega City One Judges wear Dark Blue uniforms with Green equipment. Tamiya Sea Blue and Humrol Leather Green are pretty close to what was in the comics. For those that don't like the Gloss of the Humrol then MP Grass Green is worth a look -I used a little of this to add non-gloss/worn patches to her palms.

I've always had a soft spot for the greenskins; orc big-uns were my first miniatures ever. Nice to see them here, and good pictures! :cm

There will be more up soon. Actually finished another last night, just need to sort the base out and black ink him -but may wait till a couple of his mates are ready, which should be very soon. Might even have a go at the 90% painted Space Orks that have been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years!