Crimson Fists

Unfortunately my camera has started playing up again so I'm going to have to ship it off for repair tomorrow, so this is likely to be my last upload for a couple of weeks.

As you will know from previous postings I recently brought some Mk6 marines. Included with these was a squad of Crimson Fists. While the insignia had been nicely painted other bits had yet to be done, and one figure was missing its head. So there was much more to do with these guys than I initially expected. Matters were further complicated by the fact that I didn't have a match for the blue of their armour. GW Enchanted Blue was too dark but drybrushing it with Vallejo Andrean Blue got close.
I also recently acquired a vintage Chaplain figure. Rather than the Metallic Black I've used for other Chaplains I decided to paint this with Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black. I also decided to paint him in a Chapter specific scheme so it was logical to paint him as a Crimson Fist to match the squad.