Daemons, Scouts and Engineers

Some new stuff up.

Over in the Chaos Album I've added some of the new Heresy Daemon figures ("Blights") and I've painted up a Great Unclean One. The latter actually took less than a day!

In the Imperium Album I've added some Scout photos. The Shotgun and Bolter Scouts have just been painted up, while the other Squads were done a couple of years back and have just been tweaked a little for better photos with the Nikon.

An over in the German Army Album I've added some Combat Engineers/Pioneers. Unlike most of the German figures these are by companies other than Artizan, specifically Bolt Action Miniatures, Crusader Miniatures and Victory Force Miniatures.

Click the Images to see the rest of the figures posted today.


Nice work on the Heresy blights... the flesh looks very raw and plague ridden

Nice work Phil :)

So, are you painting all of these germans to game with, or just because you can? they're coming out really nice!

Well, I did think that they were part of a mixed unit that wandered into one of Ningauble of the Seven Eyes' tunnels during the Battle of the Bulge and ended up on another world, having to face magic and monsters with mausers and MGs.

Mainly I'm painting them because they have an interesting range of equipment and armament. Likewise the vehicles they have are types that interest me for various reasons, rather than a structured force -although the germans did have a tendency to form ad hoc battlegroups with anything available.