The Dark Judges.

The other day I popped into my favourite hobby shop for a chat. I noticed Mongoose had released their version of the Dark Judges. “Wish I had not seen that” I reflected “I have three of the original Citadel Dark Judges. No chance of me finding the fourth for a price I can afford!”
But reminded of this, I had a look on ebay and lo and behold, there was Judge Mortis, £7 starting bid and no bidders, two days to run. I got him, no contest!

I had painted my Judge Death figure years back. It was time to give him some company!

[b]Judge Fire.[/b]
Judge Fire I had recently undercoated in a red/brown shade, the idea being to try and get the look of black clothing lit by flames. I [url=][b]drybrushed[/b][/url] this figure in white and then drybrushed it again in MP Canary Yellow. MP Orange was used to pick out the tips of the flames. I painted the eyes and mouth GW Blood Red and added a little black to certain parts for contrast.

[b]Judge Fear and Mortis[/b]
Both of these sculpts suffer from very thin ankles and I had to drill and pin both to reattach the feet. I painted these guys with the [b][url=]three colour undercoating method[/url][/b]. Once this was done Fear’s helmet just took two coats of Babab Black and Mortis’s skull took a thin coat of bleached bone and two coats of Gyphonne Sepia. Excluding the undercoating the actual painting is only a couple of hours work.