Epic ?

Working on quite a large item at the moment, hence the lack of recent uploads.

Had to admit to myself I was getting a bit bored with it so haven't painted for a few nights. Best remedy for this to go paint something else. Some of the first models I ever brought were some orcs, but you may have noticed a distinct lack of Orcs in my galleries since I've never got one to a standard I considered finished. So I decided to make an effort, which lead me to visit the Covent Garden GW shop to try some of the Foundation Orchide I'd read about.

While at the shop the assistant waved a box at me and asked "Want some free stuff?"
Those of you that know me will have guessed the answer to that.

"I seem to always be short of bases, I'll have those"

"Ok. The figures are all metal. You could strip them if you don't like the paint. They're mainly Eldar"

Not only Eldar, but the majority are vintage Harlequin figures. Since a fellow Cheddarmonger was nice enough to send me some vintage Eldar soldiers a while back, these were most welcome. Came out with nearly 20 Halequins, some weapon crewmen and a few dark elves and transfer sheets.

The young lads in the shop were baffled by two items in the box, which I identified as GolfBall printer heads (remember them?)

The rest of the box was filled with numerous Epic Scale Eldar. Infantry of various aspects, jet bikes and weapons platforms. Some rather nicely painted, other unpainted. I decided to leave those for someone who really wanted them, but as I was leaving I saw the assistant about to put them in the bin.

"I'll take them" I told him. "I'm sure I can find someone who could really use then"

And so I have a bunch of Epic Eldar, and not sure what to do with them!


I can trade you them for some more harlequins, or other large Eldar stuff, if you want Phil :)

I did suspect that you might be interested. Not occurred to me I might trade them for something.

The current harlequin force is pretty comprehensive. I have "the geezer with the mask" and two death jesters. I'll have to look through the old collector's guide and other stuff to see if there are any must haves you've got that I haven't.

What have you got as "other large Eldar Stuff"? I've always wanted some eldar ghosts, or possibly dreads. Currently I wouldn't mind a couple of Black Orcs, since I'm having fun painting my pair


I don't have enough ghost for myself, I don't think, but I'm pretty certain I can spare an old eldar dreadnaught, or a war walker. I'm also pretty certain I've got some plastic black orcs, if they tickle your fancy, and I might have some metal ones, but I'd have to have a look. I'm painting some Blood Bowl Black Orcs at the moment, and I'm quite enjoying them too!

I've got a warwalker. Not too bothered about the older style dreads (think I might have one somewhere).

This thread inspired me to take a look at miniaturesbypost and see if they had any of the metal black orcs -they have, the great weapon ones I'd wanted! (£5.40 a pack). Only thing wrong with these is they have a lot of armour, so my black orc skin tones don't show up. May be I should take a look at Blood Bowl and Mordhein figures?


I'll have a rummage in the garage at the weekend and see what I can find, Phil :)

Had a good look at the Harlequins. I'm OK for troupers (have 13, all different) and have a nice guy who is probably a Grand Avatar. One fellow missing a hand and two death jesters, one with shuriken cannon, other with a laser I think.

So the mob probably needs a High Warlock (Psyker), Solitaire and a Death Jester with missile launcher, should such a thing exist. Don't need to be vintage models so long as they are close for size.

Orcs I think I'm OK for -just won some interesting ones on ebay.

Have a duplicate Eldar weapon crewman if you are interested?


I'll look those out tonight, Phil :)

I've got plenty of crewmen, though, thanks Phil :)

Sorry Phil - been a bit under the weather this lask week or so and compeltely forgot about the Eldar. Will get on it and post you a message! Sorry about that!

No worries mate. You'd best wait till I can find time to post the bits to you anyway, then you can send me what you think is fair. Days where I can slope off to the post office are few and far between at the moment.
Hope you are feeling better soon -at least you have a house full of women to look after you...

Yep - can do High Warlock and Solitare. I've only got Death Jesters with shuriken cannon and the only ones I've ever seen with missle lauchers are lame conversion on the internet. You could cetainly do a better job by doing a conversion using a Dark reaper missile laucher. I'll pop a Death Jester and a Dark Reaper in there as well so that you can have a go at this if you want.

No rush on the epic stuff if it is difficult to get out, Phil :) I'll get these Eldar in the post to you next time I remember! :)

Finally found time to get to the post office. Expect a horde of eldar coming through a letterbox near you soon

Astropath was right! :) I'll try and get the large Eldar in the post this week, Phil!

Got them today.

Looks like one Shadowseer/High Warlock, one Solitaire (well, there would be!) and a far more impressive High Avatar/Great Harlequin than the one I have.

Two Death Jesters (at least one of a style I don't have), two Reapers for added missile support and two well armed guys that could be Troupers or lesser Warlocks.

Hmm -these guys might give my Termis some trouble!


Thanks for letting me know, Phil :) Glad they are what you need!