Is Grey Better?

Some new photos up, and notable because they are the first I've tried taking by setting the White Balance using a specially designed Grey Card. I quite like the way they look. I've not used any software on these other than to crop the pictures.

New additions to the Malal Cult in the Chaos album, including a Heresy Familiar

Some more Germans added to the German Army

Whole bunch of new Gladiator photos

and some Ninja


Great work, Phil. I really like the highlighting of the black ninja-suit and your german chaps are just great :)

The other two are pretty good as well, of course!

The gray card works wonders! Amazing what a little color balance does for pictures!

These are nice. Great to see you posting pictures again! Are you going to re-photograph some of your old stuff with your new technique? :cm

I may do, although there is still plenty of stuff painted that has not been photographed. Occurred to me today that all my photos of Wilf are pre-Nikon.

Are there any figures you'd particularly like to see rephotographed?


Definately Wilf, and some of the Kren - definately Dave the Librarian, too (but then I'm biased there!), and some of the Sacred Hope terminators. The assault beastmen and ogryns could certainly do with new photos and perhaps the jump chaplain, too.

OK - I'll stop there because this list is probably too long, already! :)