Happy 'Nid Year

Given that we are just over the festival of gluttony I guess its appropriate that the latest upload is a bunch of Tyranids.

We have some interesting vintage metal Warriors

which inspired me to finish some modern gaunts

and then some Rippers

and a vintage Hive Tyrant

also finished some Kren Tacticals using Black Reach Plastic Figures

and a Imperial Minister

Sorry for the duplicate posts -the "Delete Photo" and "Move Photo" modes don't appear to be working


updated a few photos that were slightly off, and added a new one

Nice tyranids, Phil :) I like that redish scale colour - how did you do that?



you mean?

I've been wondering if I should do a tutorial on this, since it is a little unusual.

How you do it is a follows:-

Paint the armoured areas with Tamiya Flat Blue. (other blues will probably work and it probably doesn't need to be matt)

Take some Tamiya Flat Red and make irregular dabs, lines and splotches on the blue.

Once this is done take some Tamiya Flat Orange. You don't have to wait till the red is dry since a little blending actually helps the effect. Again, dab the armour in irregular patches.

Next, take some Tamiya Flat Yellow and repeat the above process. Once again, doesn't matter if the previous colours are not fully dry.

By now, your model will look quite hideous and you will think you have done it wrong! Trust me because the next step will make all the difference.

Take some GW Flesh Wash and paint it over all of the armour. One coat is usually enough, sometimes you need two.

Leave to dry and your creature's armour will convert into a mottled tortoise shell type effect.

That is how I do the standard Tyranids. For the Raveners I did a more earthy scheme that I think used earth brown and greys.
You may get different effects with other colours. Other washes might also have different effects. Be a nice scheme to try out on a turtle dragon perhaps?

Thanks Phil :) I might have a go at that next time I paint a monster!

You've got me wanting to do a dragon turtle now!


I didn't mention Dragon Turtles - you did!! LOL