Italian Knights in 1/72nd Scale

        A friend of mine noted my recent attempts at [url=][b]painting other scales with interest[/b][/url]. A few days later he turned up with a big bag of 1/72nd scale medieval figures by a company called “MiniArt”. Some time ago I got sent Wargames Foundry’s book of medieval rules so for added novelty I decided to mount multiple figures on a single base, as suggested in those rules.

        Here is the first batch, a unit of Fifteenth Century Italian Knights fighting on foot. These were a bit of a quick and dirty paint job. Essentially the figures were undercoated in black and given an overbrush of MP Chainmail. GW Chainmail was drybrushed on as a highlight, then other details painted on.
        I was a bit keen to see how they looked on the bases so I was a bit premature with mounting them. The main lesson I learn was to paint 1/72nd figures on the sprue as much as possible. For bases I was using cut up blank security swipe cards and I had a bit of trouble getting the figures to stick to these since they evidently have a hydrophobic coating. For the next set of figures I will be using my hot glue gun, which experiments show seems to work well.
        Bases were made by gluing the figures on, liberally applying PVA glue and adding sand. The base was painted with WGF Rawhide B shade and then brushed with oche and sand colour before the static grass was added.

[url=][b]Medieval 1/72nd Album[/b][/url]