Judges, Greenskins and Solitaire

Quick upload tonight.

Firstly a new selection of GW Judges, including a Judge with bike

some Orcs

and, thanks to Keeper40, the first of my Eldar Harlequins, the Solitaire

also the first ever Eldar I've painted



That Orc Raider is awesome.
These are great! I gotta pick up a brush sometime this century.

Nice work, phil :) I like the orc raider too, but I especially like the solitaire - the dark colour scheme looks stylish and appropriate - something you can't usually say about harlequins! :)

Hi CM -noticed you tried to vote for the raider while I was still uploading last night! I think he is a relatively newish figure so you should find him in the GW collectors section if you want one. Nothing really complicated to paint about him. I used a couple of different flesh tones for the pig and Mp Canary Yellow, Orange Ink and TCR for the flames.

Keeper-I'm very happy with the Solitaire. He looks confident and deadly, and should contrast nicely with the more ostentatious, gaily attired Troupers when I finally get around to painting them.