Marines and (umm) Marines

Four new photos up today, although I must say I'm not 100% happy with the results.
Firstly we have some Deathwing Terminators.

[G2:14635 class=g2image_centered]

While my Bleached Bone and Pale Flesh colour scheme worked really well for the the Founder's Guard Terminators something just doesn't gel right with these guys.

We also have the new Black Scorpion Marines. First rate figures but again something about my paint job on these fails to fly

[G2:14626 class=g2image_centered]


I would agree that they're maybe not your best pieces phil, but they're still pretty good.

I think the deathwing terminators do not look "dethwingy" enough perhaps because we usually see them highlighted up to white. It is still pretty clear who they are, though, so I don't think that is a problem!

And the marines look good. Unless you're trying to recreate a particular historical action with a pedant of an opponent, it doesn't matter too much, I think. They look different to most of the historical stuff I've seen lately, only in that you've stuck with your regular painting style, rather than the bold highlighting (foundry style) that we see on a lot of historical minis.

My only concern with the marines is the shine on their coats - is that just the varnish?

I'm not sure this is relevant, either, but I've been researching some of this stuff lately and I found references that british red would fade to pink as it aged, so that might influence your choice of highlighting colours :)

You may be right about needing to take them up to a white highlight. Think I'll have to sit them besides the founder's guard and go with my instincts rather than following the guide on the GW site.

I dumped the first photos of the marines since they were too shiney. You're right, they are still shiney despite the coat of matt varnish I gave them last night. British army scalet wasn't known for being particularly colour-fast so rookies tended to stand out due to their bright red coats while veterans tended to fade to brown-red. I was actually trying to produce this in that I undercoated the Sergeant in MP Heather and the Marines in redish-brown and used GW Blood red for the former and tamiya red for the latter


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