Monday night uploadiness

A varied mix of stuff tonight.


A savage orc and black orc

Some Street People

and another Ghoul shot


They're all good, Phil!! :) But I was particularly taken with the first astropath, as I painted one of those figures about six months ago. I don't think I've ever photographed him, so I'll try and get that done! :)


Actually, I've just found a photo I'd forgotten I'd taken on my hard disk, so I've cropped and uploaded it:


Someone has been in my room looking at stuff when I was out. You shouldn't have eaten those chocolates Dave, I knew I hadn't had them! :)

I didn't need to look - my astropath just used his clairvoyance for me! ;)

He says it was the cake fairy that ate your chocolate :)

If he is clairvoyant you can ask him when I'll find time to post that Epic stuff :P

Astropath says that you're not going to get around to it until I've dug out those 28mm Eldar. :P