Of Monks and Mearghs

It is late at night here and I've just discovered I can get wireless in my flat, so rather than taking my latest photos into work to upload I've just done them direct.

Something very old and something new. The new is the rather nice monk from Spyglass, which was released about a week ago. Like the other Spyglass figures I've painted this was a dream to paint.

[G2:14708 class=g2image_centered]

The old is a vintage GW figure, a Fimir Meargh. I've seen these go for very silly money so was pleased to finally find one at a price I can live with.

[G2:14716 class=g2image_centered]

Some people seem to like my Zombies, so here is one I've painted this week
[G2:14712 class=g2image_centered]


I think my favourite of these three is the monk. You've done an excellent job with him, Phil! :D

The other two are great too, although personally I'm not so sure about the blue/flesh contrast that the highlight seems to have brought to the fimir. If it was me (which it isn't) I might have been tempted to drybrush with a 50:50 mix of elf flesh and the blue you used, before finishing with just the elf flesh drybrush. YMMV :)