Ogres and Panzergrenadiers

Been a while since I posted anything, since I've been tinkering with a few things.

Firstly, I've done some ogres

I've also managed to sort out the problems I had with the Black Scorpion marines. The paint dried shiny, then the matt varnish went a bit glossy, then the second varnish I used went totally gloss. So I invested in some Dullcote and as you can see, that sorted things out.[G2:15113]

From Artizan we have this figure.[G2:15121]

And also a new Album of WW2 Germans



Your Germans look really nice, Phil :D Did you like the Coat d'Arms paints, then?

And I hope you've told grekwood about the Artizan figure :D

Apparently you've made the 666th comment on these pages.

Grek has now seen Captn Birdseye


Click the picture, you know you want to....

uncle phil

It had to be one of us. Mwaha mwaha mwahahahahahahahahaha ;)