On the Blogg.

Well, I said I'd never have a blogg, so that is another vow out the window!

Since I've yet to work out a way to show visitors just my latest uploads I thought it might help if I used this to hint as to where they are.

Some new additions to the Imperium folder:- Some Grey Knight Terminators I painted about a year ago and some Tech guard models I finished this weekend. The Tech guard naturally go alongside their masters the tech-priests. I've also retaken a couple of the tech-priest shots and deleted the old one. Inevitably you never notice the bits you've missed until you photograph them!

In the general folder I've added some shots of Sea Elf Wardancers and Lothern Sea Guard. Again, units that I painted over a year ago.

I've also created a new folder for "Cutthroats and Adventurers" -basically the odds and sods that don't quite fit into any other collection. These guys serve as mercenaries, bandits, pirates, renegades, treasure hunters and so on. Some new photos in there and some of the ones already up.


I modified the search feature for the gallery, so now you can search by date! Maybe that would help... Also, see my latest blog entry. I'm going to update the gallery software to include the dynamic albums you're looking for! I hope... Also, you can edit your profile here with a link to your gallery in a sig-file type of thing.

See my gallery here!
David's Miniatures

Took me a bit of fiddling around with the format, but seems to work on 2007-06-05 -seems to be reverse english format?

It also turns up photos of the same date other than mine. Given that I've already got a lot more photos up than some other members they may get a tad annoyed if every search turns up dozens of mine

Did I hit the nail on the head with that comment! Last night I found another techguard who had decided to hide among some other models when the bases were being painted. I made some good progress on a bunch of cutthroats last night so I'll probably leave photographing him until some of them are complete.


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