Painting Again, and a Mixed Bag at That

Been a while since I painted anything, then just the other night I saw something in a movie that inspired me to paint a zombie. And after that there was a sort of domino effect with me finishing of various other figures. Couple of these were virgin paint jobs while others were figure that had lost a bit of momentum.

First, a spyglass zombie

and a Heresy Ghoul

a servo skull

a servitor (thanks Dave!)


Brother West the Marine

A Drow

and Brakar the Ratskin Hero
Who is a little stuck in the 80s! Anyone have the original rules for Brakar etc?


Well, you've not lost any of your skill, Phil :) Especially like the servo skull and the drow!

Any chance of a bigger pic of the drow, phil?

Brakkar the avenger, he that rains death.

M4 WS4 BS6 S4 T4 W2 I3 A1 LD8
armourer, weaponsmith, rapid fire (bolt pistol), ambush, dive, infiltration

330 points.

I can't say I'm particularly happy with the photography now I see them off the laptop. Had to buy a new bulb so may have to fiddle around with the arrangement and white balance to compensate.

So there probably will be new photos at some point


Found this

Includes the Outlander rulebook so has rules for Brakar, Wyrds etc and a whole lot of stuff not put up on the GW Specialist Games section

for other stuff omitted

Nice one, Phil :)