Painting Larger Scales - the Cowboys.

        I get to see many very nice model vehicles, many of them in 1/35th scale. While many of these are very detailed it is often the figures that are with them that let them down. It seems some modellers can perfectly weather a vehicle but paint figures that end up looking like lifeless mannequins with thousand yard stares.
        I don’t believe good figure painting is that hard a skill, and was interested to see how my newer painting techniques might work with larger scale figures. I didn’t have any 1/35th scale figures handy so instead decided to try things out on some 1/32nd scale Airfix cowboys.

        These, as it turned out, were not the easiest models to paint. The softness of the plastic makes removing all the mould lines very problematic. The barrels of the guns are very thin and fragile and impossible to keep straight. I tried to reinforce them with several layers of enamel paint but this resulted in loss of detail. These are not the best paint job that I have ever done.


        Figures were given a [url=][b]three colour undercoat[/b][/url] and then blocked in with thin coats of colour. The black on the sheriff and townsman, for example, were done with a single coat of [url=][b]Nato Black[/b][/url], the shading being provided by the undercoat. Flesh was painted with GW Tanned Flesh and Dwarf Flesh, then given a coat of Cote d-arms Flesh Wash. This was then further highlighted with Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh. Since three of the figures are wearing brimmed hats I did not bother painting in the eyes on these, just darkened this area with Tanned Flesh. Once painted the figures were [url=][b]black inked[/b][/url].

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