Terminators and Chaplain

As some of you know, I rather like Terminators. I think the first edition of White Dwarf I ever saw was [url=http://gamehobby.net/white_dwarf_magazine/white_dwarf_122.html]WD122[/url] so I suppose it has stuck in my mind that Terminators are what Marines should really look like. Given this it is possibly rather odd that very few completed Terminators have been posted in my gallery.

When I got into the hobby (about 2 yrs ago) the plastic Terminator kit was one of the first I brought. They started off with a colour scheme a lot like that of the normal tactical marines (although I think I painted the Terminators first and based the Power Armour marines on them). Didn't really like that scheme, so was planning to change the Buff parts to a simpler Bleached Bone scheme, which I used on the Lightning Claw Assault Terminators. Never got around to that and a couple of weeks back I decided I wanted something darker and more brooding. So the plastic Terminators got painted again, and I'm happy with them. All the parts had fallen into place so I started on a second squad of vintage metal models, which only took a couple of days. The third squad, which are mainly slightly more recent circa 1995 models took a bit longer, but were less than a week. So the gallery now has three squads of tactical Terminators.

Also I finally located the Chaplain figure I was after.
Have a look at this and see if you think the "Golden Demon" standard figure on the GW page is superior

I've also had to take some new photos of the previous uploads -the aeroscouts, the adventuress and Librarian. For various reasons the older photos were not up to scratch, although several of you were kind enough to vote for them, I had to dump them.


Nice work phil :) I think your text about the green heads might have got messed, up, though! ;)

Overall, these chaps look great! The red back over the dark/metallic/gold (what colour is that?) bodies makes them look a little beetle-like :)

I guess anyone can enter a mini into the Golden Demon, so pretty much anything could be Golden Demon standard :)

I'd cut and pasted the wrong bit for Gamma Squad -all corrected.
The colour used for the limbs is Tamiya Bronze, although GW Tin Bitz gets used as a touch up in places. By the time I got to Gamma Squad the pot of bronze was getting very low and as you know you can't get Tamiya metallics at the moment. Gamma got painted in Tin Bitz because of this but the difference is more noticeable than you might think, so in the final stages the Tin Bitz areas were given a very thin coat of Tamiya bronze. I've a tiny amount left


I think you just got carried away with your purple helmets - a common affliction, apparantly ;)

I've not tried the Tamiya metallics. Do you know why they are unavailable, phil?

Apparently there is some issue with the formulae (which has been in use for years!) so all the metallics were withdrawn before christmas -you may recall me desperately trying to get hold of some gunmetal. Word was they'd be back in stock January -now it is claimed June/July.
Very Annoying since many of the alternates just don't match