Witchhunter and Angels

Thanks to Tim who runs [url=http://www.miniature-heroes.co.uk/]Miniature Heroes[/url] I acquired a couple more members of the Angel Gang -Fink and Link and their hostage, the Judge Child.


And as mentioned on a previous blog, I wanted a witchhunter with a tall hat, so ended up converting the rather silly looking WH40K Witchhunter Inquisitor. Filed, cut and ground off the most of the overt sci-fi bits, replaced the bizarre looking handgun with a pistol from the Empire Pistolier kit and built a pistol crossbow.


I think he looks much better as a fantasy figure?



I already commented on the witchhunter in another thread, and he is a nice conversion :)

But I prefer the paintwork on the Judge Dredd figures :D Are you collecting them to play, Phil, or just collecting them to paint - I'm sure you've told me before, but I can't remember! Either way, they are nice - especially the Fink Angel!

Pity you didn't take before and after pictures of the Judge Dredd miniatures, people wouldn't believe the transformation!

Wonderful painting Phil and so quick too! The Witch Hunter is awesome, I really like what you have done there. Perhaps GW will take note and release something along those lines as a fantasy figure, though knowing them I doubt it.

Great work!

I still have the photos of the unstripped figures you sent me, so perhaps I can play around with some software and do a before and after shot, although for Link in particular it was just tidying up and some different colours in places.

A friend of mine suggested the WH40K Witchhunter was a Warhammer Quest figure that had been "sci-fi -ed", which would explain alot, but the WQ Witchhunter was similar but a different sculpt.

One of my favourate bits of this witchhunter are the stakes hung ready inside his coat!

Yes, if GW were smart they'd make something like this, since it would sell to Mordhein players, non-GW game players and they could probably knock out another Army Book based on the Flagellant Army list in the Empire 6th edition Army book.

Actually I'd quite like to see any of the FOD sculptors have a go at something like this. Can you imagine a witchhunter along this vein by Steve or Adam? Fit well in the latter's Desolation Row range. Not that Andy or Kev wouldn't probably come up with something memorable.

I don't have much cause to visit FOD these days, but if anyone else wants to air the idea over there, feel free.