Witchhunters and Pirates

Some new additions to the Witchhunter warband, including a Warrior Priest


some flagellants


and some more Witchhunters


Over in the Cutthroats we have some new pirates


including the mysterious Black Pyjama gang


and an addition to the Street People



Nice work Phil :)

All good, but those chinese pirates are really nice :)

However, the flagellents remind me a Balgin, for some reason - must be the beard!

Hey Phil,

Just saw this green on LAF, and thought it might interest you: http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=10376.0;topicseen

Doc Twighlight is in the process of setting up a new business (I think), but he should be available from http://www.blackarmyproductions.com/ in their "Champions of History" range, in the nearish future :)


He's very similar to my guy, and may be a good alternative for those not as insane as to go the route I did.

He does rather remind me of these two though



[quote=uncle phil][img]http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc178/Mithras77/RIMG1747.jpg[/img]

what mini is this; is it available? Looks vaguely reminiscent of Vampire Hunter D

Is it soon to be available from Black Army Productions (link in my last message). I'll try and remmember to let you chaps know when I see if go on sale :)

Sorry guys, I didn't read that very carefully.
The sculpt looks like an update of the Warhammer Quest witch hunter, but how much different could it look to keep the character? I'm not a huge fan of that sculpt, it looks slightly off, but it is an essential for my witch hunters collection.

It's OK, although a little too similar to my Witchhunter general, and I prefer the pose and details like the stakes on the latter.

It does occur to me that that short barrel pistol "Green face" is holding might very nicely convert into a pistol crossbow, giving you a figure very much like that illustrated in WHFRP 1st edition.