Wolf Guard Terminators

Just a couple of photos up today. Been experimenting a little with thinner layers of paint -semi-transparent even. Oddly I've been doing this for a while with paints such as Elf Flesh but it had not occurred to me to try it with other colours
[G2:14583 class=g2image_centered]

These are the metal Wolf Guard Terminator figures, including a Rune Priest. Picked them up as a job lot on ebay at a reasonable price.

The GW site suggests Shadow Grey as a base colour. I didn't have any but a colour chart suggested Vallejo Oxford Blue was the equivalent. Not an exact match I suspect but in older painting guides Space Wolves are given a bluish tint. The Oxford Blue was painted over with Vallejo Intermediate Blue, which looks grey when it goes on but dries bluer. This was painted over in places with Tamiya Sky Grey and finally highlights put on with Vallejo Pale Greyblue.

When I'd nearly finished these I was quite looking forward to adding the transfers to their shoulder pads. Then I sit down with a dish of warm water, look at the Space Marine Transfer sheet, and it doesn't have Space Wolf emblems! Hence they had to make do with my shoddy freehand


Nice work, Phil. They look pretty good :) No-one is going to mistake them for anything other than Space Wolves!

You're freehand is pretty good, though, from what we can see, and I know you don't like me mentioning it - but I really like these tan bases - they set off the grey of the Space Wolves armour really nicely. Great job!

I've got a few space SW transfers if you want them. If you do - just drop me a PM :)

Obviously I gave them the Tamiya Dark Yellow bases for contrast, and also since it helps distinguish them from the Kren Librarians. Actually I ended up buying this unit because I was planning to do a unit of their rivals. Like the Wolf Guard they'll have Dark Yellow bases to distinguish them from another Kren unit and to give them something in common with this one.
I'm in two minds about the emblems -some worked well, two were a little poor